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Spin City: only the Legends

An estimated crowd of between 650-700 people gathered at the Soshanguve Spinning Palace in attendance of the first Spin City event hosted by the Spinning Kingz of the North Western Township of Soshanguve.

The event's title "Only the Legends" was capturing enough on posters, flyers and Facebook invitations to convince one to spend the afternoon and part of the evening if not early hours of the next day listening to the sound of the German branded BMW E30 325i and other models which have been modified for spinning. Besides the strong presence of the box shaped E30 there were three other modified vehicles, two BMW Spinning Utility Vehicles "SUV" one 3 Series E30 and an E39 5 Series all the way from Botswana. Lastly was a modified Toyota Hilux driven by a 15 year old spinner.

Having a minor spinning amongst legends was something that made me question the presence and contribution of adrenalin fuelled Samkeliso "Sam-Sam" Thubane in the spinning industry. Followed by questions like, if he is spinning amongst legends, is he a legend? If so what will he be in the next 10 years to come? Well let's leave that for the spinning industry's "record" books.

The weather on the day was as confusing as the questions above, moving from a sunny day to a partly cloudy and rainy day. As the rain started pouring down, spinners took advantage of the wet and slippery conditions of the track which made it a mission for them to spin until they popped a tyre or two.

Spinning in the rain provided an opportunity for spinners to show off their skills by displaying what they can do in wet conditions, especially with the second hand tyres used for spinning. This rear wheel drive fun in the rain ended up with one of the spinners being the victim of a front smash into a pole. Thanks to the tyres placed in front of various poles and barricades as protection, the spinner got away with only minor damage to the bottom left section of the front bumper. They say sticks and stones won't break my bones, but spinner Lebojwa found himself saying, having no slicks won't break my Beemer...

After the rain had stopped, spectators started pouring out of the pits and tents where they had sought shelter while spinners braved the unfavourable conditions. The atmosphere improved as more of the legends, including Soweto based Magiya Brothers, Zwikhodo "Ziko" Nembambula from Westside Connect Spinning crew and Speed and Sound spinner Sunesh Pursad ascended to the track to join the line-up of legends. One by one spinners took turns to impress the crowd with their performances and unique crowd capturing stunts. One of the most captivating moments at the event had to be when Samkelo "Sam Sam" started spinning around one of the spinning vehicles that had broken down inside the spinning area. He performed 360° spinning around the vehicle and 180° turns that usually ended up with him coming within inches of the stationary vehicle.

The only downfall of the event was the absence of well-known spinner and legend Bongani "RBM" Makhubo who was set to make his debut in a new vehicle after he was involved in an accident.

Overall the event turned out to be the best event, that SSK spinner Tshepang Mkhnonza, has hosted thus far, after the previous two shows he has hosted, saw disappointingly low turnouts. Upcoming events will take place on the 9th of March at Peter's Truck Stop in Vosloorus on the Eastrand, while the Soshanguve Spinning Kingz will host shows on the 4th of May and the 15th of June. Godspeed! •

Words & Photos: Robert Mabusela (Spin City, Only the Legends, Soshanguve, 2013/03/02, 31 images) Main Image: Magiya Brothers, BMW 325i.