Tshepang Mkhonza, Soshanguve Spin Kingz, BMW 325i

Spin City: Pre Youth Day spinning bash

Throughout the years various complaints of how Youth Day is celebrated instead of commemorated have been voiced by people. This year Youth Day falls on a Sunday, giving less hype about the day as opposed to previous years. If there is one way that the youth can enjoy their “Youth Weekend” it is by starting it off at the Pre Youth Day Spin Bash, which is set to be attended by more than just the youth.

The Soshanguve Spinning Kings will be hosting their third Spin City event which is set to warm up the weather on the 15th of June. The line-up of Spinners includes a mixture of local and guest spinners such as hosts Soshanguve Spin Kingz, Speed and Sound Spinner Sunesh, Magiya Brothers, Mamelodi Spinners, Box Boys Spinners, Ferrari Boyz and various other guest spinners.

Their previous event, Battle of Spinners which took place in May was filled with spinners from Gauteng, Hammanskraal, Polokwane, Rustenburg, and Mpumalanga, who came to battle it out against the Soshanguve spinners.

During the Battle, Soweto spinner Jeff James and stuntman Bobo performed crowd capturing stunts. James's performance came at a time when most of the spinners who performed were local spinners. He broke the trend amongst Soshanguve spinners who tend to play things safe and are hardly seen doing stunts outside their vehicles.

The passion for spinning is growing amongst Spin fanatics, petrol heads as well as spinners, who are meeting the demand for more action by showcasing their spinning talent through a variety of vehicles and stunts.

The Soshanguve Spinning Palace will be the venue that hosts the Pre Youth Day Spin bash, SSK have decided give spectators more action by starting the event at noon opposed to the usual 14:00, due to the cold winter weather.

If you're interested in this form of motorsport be sure to head to the Soshanguve Spinning Palace on the 15th of June to experience the thrill that's enjoyed by hundreds of Spin fanatics. —Godspeed! •

Words & Photos: Robert Mabusela, JournoMotorTainment, Twitter: @Robert_Mabusela (Soshanguve Spinning Kings, Spin City, Pre Youth Day spinning bash, Soshanguve, 2013/06/10, 34 images) Main Image: Tshepang Mkhonza, Soshanguve Spin Kingz, BMW 325i.