Peter Clark, Andre Van Vollenstee, Appanna Ganapathy, Sanjiv Singh, Ian Harwood, Kyle Robinson

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters

—LTR (2016/04/23): Peter Clark, André Van Vollenstee, Appanna Ganapathy, Sanjiv Singh, Ian Harwood, Kyle Robinson.
—Phakisa Freeway.

Pieter De Vos, Brian Bontekoning, Sven Grune

Bridgestone Podium Moment

—LTR: Pieter De Vos (3), Brian Bontekoning (2) Sven Grüne (1).
—Rider of the Day: Gerald Van Heerden. (See photo below.)

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters: to Ilet (pronounced: /ʌɪlɛt/).

CHAPTER THREE: Morning my dear. I come here often. And we rarely talk. Have you ever noticed? It's actually heart breaking. They say it's good to talk. To deflate. So is reading. I blame it on the congested world out there. The mindless pace back and forth. A carcinogenic ocean rolling in and out. In and out. Ceaselessly. Leaving behind empty shells. This morning I'm in no hurry. So please ... hear me out:

I'm off to Phakisa Freeway, as you know. Oh! [pause] You didn't know? Well, I'm telling you now. You won't see me for a while. Please, don't shed any tears, or miss me. It's only two days. Then I'll be back. Telling you great stories from the front-lines, of interesting people and their amazing Kawasaki ZX10R four-stroke machines.

Phakisa is not that spectacular any more. No more than you. The last time I checked, that was a year ago. Since then, she has become lacklustre. She definitely looked amazing in the days of Valentino Rossi. That was almost 12 years ago. Maybe things have changed in the meantime. I wouldn't know. Will see once I get there. Most of the Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters like to ride her. Some hard, others with caution. (Is it too late to impose parental guidance?) Maybe it's her boot in their backsides, that arouses the fast ones so much. Or maybe it's the fast sweeps and tight corners. For two days they will give her a strong voice. Bringing her alive. Making her scream as they throttle down the pit straight at matchless speed. Hitting the first corner with undeniable passion and confidence. Her long legs span 4.24km. Long, fast, and very tactical. It is rude to look up her dress. Of course it is! There's nothing wrong looking down. Must I blame myself for being tall? No! So please, come look with me:

My suitcase is packed. My camera gear too. My hair Brycreemed. A steel comb in my sock. I'm almost ready to leave. Please Ilet. I would like to stay a few minutes longer. Talk some more. Can I play you something? You’ll love it: /Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder/ ... —
Great isn't it?

I would like to read their names to you now. Introducing the Phakisa Masters, so that you know. You told me you know their names, their numbers too. I can see the lie in your eyes. So who is Graeme? Abrie Marais? Rather keep quiet. You'll only disappoint me.
[clearing my voice] Brian Bontekoning #16. It is good to have him back. Then there's: Teddy Brooke #93, Stewie Christie #65, Peter Clark #64. Did you know, Clark will compete on a (brand) new 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R model? So too will: Appanna Ganapathy #77, Raymond Keel #33, Rodney McLachlan #42. Two-hundred-and-ninety-five-thousand can buy you a new one. Not necessarily a faster one. Rodney said he must still get the hang of it. Learning-curve problems I think. I hope his sorted for Phakisa. He's a good rider in his own way.
Let's continue. Last year's Phakisa winner, Pieter De Vos #17 took both heats in a spectacular time of 01:41.758. Graeme, two second places. Van Breda did however registered the best time of the day: 01:41.721. I made an gross mistake on my website, thought Kyle Robinson #18 did that time.
Then we have Sid Farinha #57, all the way from Witbank. Witbank of all places! (Let me stretch my legs a bit, they're becoming numb.) Jaco Gous #43, Sven Grüne #66, Ian Harwood #24, Jason Joshua #76.
Oh! Remember Tony? Yes you do. Number 13. Easiest number to remember. Next to Klem, #44, Johan Le Roux. Etienne Louw #56, Mike McSkimming #71, Russ Page #46. Industrial sex shop(pe) owner Henk Schuiling #69. [frown] Life is just a bowl of cherries, right? Sanjiv Singh #12, Gerald Van Heerden #20. And that's the whole lot. [thinking] Not quite ...

I still have to introduce the Red Square Kawasaki ZX6R Junior Cup boys and girls to you. So pay attention. Yes, they are the—much—younger versions of the Masters. Definitely in stark contrast to Stuart Russell #83. Who knows, they might be Masters one day. Just like dad Sid, Cydney #72 and Tayla #55 also ride for the Club. They are second and fourth on the points roster. Cyndey's 20 points shy of Aidan Liebenberg #62 in top spot. Aidan took all four chequered flags so far. So do the math.
In places three five and six: Matthew Herbert, Keagan Govender, Riccardo Pultrone.

I will be there on Friday for the scheduled practice sessions. Just so you know. Some Masters might even brave the track as early as Thursday. Damn! What excuse can I flaunt her (the wife) for an early arrival. Hmm. [pause] I guess, Friday and Saturday are more than enough. Wouldn't you agree? My energy is already spread thin as it is. Luckily, Mark Weitz will be there, dispensing Red Square Reload. Amazing stuff! I don't know how his hands keep up with the icy-water.

Talk of icy: Pieter lies 9th on the combined points roster, with a meagre 24 points. Almost as bad as Tony in eleven. Honestly Ilet. How long do you think will it take Pieter before roosting in the top three again? This might just be an open question. Graeme very quickly eradicated his deficit. He's top cock as we speak. At some stage he was third or fourth. Second on the points roster is Kyle. He's also the season favourite. Sven is in cosy third, with 56. He's one contender that actually shows a lot of mustard. Newcomer Russ Page is not faring too well, if you ask me. He had some great hens at Zwartkops, not so much of a rooster in 16th place. "Forty-six" doesn't seem to favour him very well. Let's give him some credit. The season is still fairly young. His superbike livery looks a million. Come to think of it: he might just pull a magical win out of the proverbial hat.

Before I finally say goodbye Ilet. I would like to thank you for listening. This might not happen very soon. But in your quiet composure, you helped me to air my voice. Helped me to write this feature. If I see you again, I would've been to Phakisa and back, with more great and exiting news. For now I need to fill this space. The world awaits my words.

[silence] (I stare at myself in the mirror. There is a vacant look in my eyes. I have this strange ominous feeling surrounding me. My phone makes a "ding" sound. Announcing another email ...)

—There is a dull pain in my chest. I can't breathe. Like an elephant just sat on me. Surely my eyes are deceiving me. I squint it a few times. But it keeps on reading the same words, over ... and over ... and over. Finding myself in an incomprehensible state. The MSA email keeps reflecting the same damn poignant words—R.I.P. Anthony Shelley. Surely this can't be?
For a moment I stand in front of the open fridge. Indecisive what I would like to drink. I'm not in the mood for a Red Square Reload. I take a (Red Square) blue ice from the shelve. I need something with kick. Something to clear my mind. Eventually my eyes well up. (What they saw was the truth.)
The ribbon of black went silent. Burying deep in her soul HIS delicate sound of thunder. His stay was short: He arrived on a Monday in '96. Departed on a Monday in '16. (As a kid I used to think that Mondays are yellow.) In his illustrious wake, he's left a void, an empty space that can never be filled, but also ... inspiration.
The Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Club, would like to extend its heartfelt condolences to Anthony’s family and friends on his untimely passing. We will always miss Anthony—ALWAYS!
/ Ride the wild wind/ (Push the envelope don't sit on the fence)/ Ride the wild wind/ (Live life on the razors edge)/ ... —Queen, Ride The Wild Wind. —Godspeed!

Anthony Shelley, Thunderbikes, Yamaha R1

Anthony Shelley #74

—Forever 74!

Brian Bontekoning, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, ZX10 Cup

Brian Bontekoning #16

—The "Transformer" is back.
—2 + 3 for the day.

Gerald Van Heerden, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, ZX10 Cup

Gerald Van Heerden #20

—Rider of the Day.
—4 + 1 for the day.

Jason Joshua, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, ZX10 Cup

Jason Joshua #76

—Surf's up (?).

Appanna Ganapathy, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, ZX10 Cup

Ashik #77

—Get well soon!

Stewie Christie, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, ZX10 Cup

Stewie Christie #65

—Looking good.


—Title Sponsor: Red Square. Track: Kawasaki (KMSA). Tyres: Bridgestone.
Superbike Sponsors: Eastern Veterinary Hospital, Dent Doctor Witbank, ART Racing, Van Breda Motorcycles, Page Property Developers, TRP Distributors, BTS Electrical, Frontier Diamonds, Avidan Trading, Vyfster Carriers, Fantech, Fuel Gas Catering Equipment Mnf, Air Systems, Ivid, Jaguar Power Products, Brooke Refrigeration, iSolve Business Solutions, Jonginozi, Supersport Gearbox Centre, Count Air, Air Systems, Greensky, AST Africa—

Extreme Festival, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Phakisa Freeway, South African Motorsport, 2016/04/23.