Tony Klem, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters:
Tony Klem #13

—4 + 1 for the day.

Kyle Robinson, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Graeme Van Breda #41, Kyle Robinson #18

—Battling it out in turn one. 1 + 4 for Kyle.

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Red Square Reload, Kawasaki ZX10R

Tony Klem

—Champagne head.


Kyle Robinson, Graeme van Breda, Johan Le Roux, Tony Klem, Michael Smit, Stuart Russell, Rodney McLachlan, Jaco Gous, Stewie Cristie, Sid Farinha, Pieter De Vos, Abrie Marais, Appanna Ganapathy, Hannes De Vos, Mike McSkimming, Henk Schuiling, Peter Clark, Jason Joshua, JB Schoeman, Sanjiv Singh, Ian Harwood, Hano van der Merwe, Raymond Keel, Allen Maguire.

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters: the day the earth stood still

The universe is not perfect, maybe most will agree, glitches can happen. Just look at our own world, our own existence. If it can happen here; it can happen out there. The book of Joshua, explains in an elementary manner that the sun got stuck in the middle of the sky, the moon too ... In 1951 it happened again, when the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still (aka Farewell to the Master) was released. (Sixty-four years later, we said goodbye to one of our own great Masters: Andre Denoon #58.)

And, in 2008, the exact same thing happened again, when Keanu Reeves played the leading role in the said film, only this time around, in full colour.
So these glitches happen from time to time. Is there some kind of celestial timekeeper with an Atomic Clock whose system malfunctions from time to time, releasing these phenomena onto our world, just to bring order and balance to everything, making things run smoothly again, from season to season?

The last time this phenomenon was recorded, was on Twenty-four September (2015), when the Extreme—motorsport—Festival brought us the best in Extreme Supercars and Superbikes. The sun was balancing brightly in the middle of the sky, it felt like forever. The temperature soar to an amazingly 32 degrees. Spectators got so enthralled, that they’ll definitely return for the final round on 7 November, at the renowned Zwartkops Raceway. What I didn’t mention: when this phenomenon sticks its head out, our own momentum still pushes forward. Imagine Earth, as a kids’ playground merry-go-round, and then it comes to a sudden stop ... Just ask Hano Van Der Merwe #14, taking two bad spills over two days of superbike racing, in exactly the same spot ...

Enumeration: Braai Day eventually happened. The sun was out in full force. Spectators flocked to the racetrack in their thousands. Zwartkops nearly suffered from spectators-fatigue. Red Square Reload flowed like the Niagara Falls. Mark Weitz turned kingpin. Twenty-four Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters primed and ready. Kyle Robinson scored the first top podium; Tony Klem the second and Graeme Van Breda two second places. Pieter De Vos, an 11th and fifth, sinking him further down the dark abyss of metal obscurity. (Hoping he had enough Red Square Reload down there to lift him from these depths, the season is not over yet.)

Extreme Supercar contender, the Grand Wizard, Toby Venter #9, racing a Porsche 911 GT2R 993, scored two second places; Lee Thompson, recorded two fantastic wins in his behemoth BMW 335i, registering a best time of: 01:01.105. (See more ...)
The Extreme—motorsport—Festival was a massive success.
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I rarely write about supercars, I’ve done a few articles in the past. Most times, I write about the days of our lives on the Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters. Today however I would like to add something rudimentary. Sometimes spreading hot mustard and Hellmann’s mayonnaise on a roast beef sandwich, topped with freshly sliced strawberries, could make a world of difference.

Supercars and beautiful women can definitely stop a man in his tracks. It doesn’t matter how quick your steps are, or for what reason you have this fast pace. If your eyes meet with beauty, you will take time out of your quick forward momentum and appreciate these transient moments thoroughly. And why is it always that most men look over their right-shoulder, to follow the last ray of beauty?

On the south side of the Zwartkops pit complex, next to Deon Du Plessis’ tricoloured KTM X-Box, pit the most striking Alfa Romeo GT Sportiva on four Bridgestone Potenza 235/40 grippers. Martin Botha pilots this beautiful piece of machinery. Even though Harry Arangies in a Ford Mustang took the spaghetti out of his carbonara in both heats, this muscle of Italian flare is still at the top of my list of exquisite supercars. (See more ...)

The humble white and blue Ford Mustang basks its burly nose in the hot summer morning sun. It shares the garage with Charl Arangies, Nicky "Sheriff" Dicks and Christo Lotter. Passing spectators stop in their tracks to appreciate its boldness. A few cellphone photos and off they go. Both Lotter and Arangies pilot Lamborghinis (Tropheo/Galardo). On Wednesday, during the allotted practice sessions, they tried to eke out times better than: 01:06, but to no avail; Lotter even recorded a dismal time of: 01:16.202, in his gold extreme supercar. Disappointingly, the Lamborghinis did not even make it to the starting grid on Thursday. At roughly R3.5 million a pop, I would rather settle for Christo’s old trusted Porsche 911 GT3 996. Nicky Dicks did not fare much better during both heats, recording a 12th and 10th place respectively. From where I stand, it is better to bask your nose in the sun, than failing to give a Ferrari F430 a proper place on the podium.

The Red Square Kawasaki garage is as hot as hell. Nothing to do with Tony Klem, that you can be sure of. The stifling atmosphere makes me queasy. The summer season has just arrived, much hotter and sooner than expected. If Wednesday is this hot; Thursday will be even hotter; creating perfect track conditions for Kawasaki ZX10R superbike racing. With three practise sessions scheduled for the day, it is only Kyle Robinson, which throttles out a good time of: 01:04.088 under these stark conditions ...

The Masters line up for SuperPole. Before you’ll know it, it’ll be over, so pay attention. With raised heartbeats, and the bloodstream overloaded with adrenalin (and Red Square Reload), Graeme jumped the gun when Kyle shot off ... Some of the spectators looking down on the pit straight, don’t quite understand the concept of SuperPole, but we do, and that’s all that counts.

—What is adrenaline?
Adrenaline, known as the fight or flight hormone, is an early evolutionary adaptation allowing us to cope with dangerous and unexpected situations. Naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations, adrenaline is released from the adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) into the bloodstream, and rapidly prepares the body for action. —Men’s Health (?)

The results are more or less what I expected: Graeme van Breda, Kyle Robinson, taking up the first two slots on the starting grid. With only 00:00.006 separating the two top riders, spectators can be assured of great motorcycle racing. To follow in the wake of their 95 exhaust fumes: Tony Klem, Pieter De Vos, Johan Le Roux, Rodney McLachlan, Michael Smit, Stuart Russell and, to close the SuperPole gate in ninth: Jaco Gous.

With the drop of the first set of red lights, my whole world came to a standstill when I saw Pieter De Vos, repeating Port Elizabeth, swinging out to the apron, ending up in turn one kitty-litter. I must give the man credit for correcting this unfortunate situation, falling in behind backmarkers Hannes De Vos and Jason Joshua, losing almost 18 seconds in the first lap. Was it a momentary lapse of concentration, or a predisposition from a previous race meeting? Whatever it is, I earnestly hope that he will return to the voluptuous ribbon of black in full, making his indentation, before the motorsport season draws to a close.

Kyle Robinson on the other hand, capitalised on this faux pas, banking his first top podium spot of the season. I was astounded. With only a superbike length between him and Graeme, he confidently took the chequered flag. The true Kyle Robinson, as we know him, was back in the saddle again, claiming what is rightfully his. For a long time I just stood there in turn one, savouring this unequivocal moment, of what a true champion Kyle actually is.
Heat one (top six): Kyle Robinson, Graeme van Breda, Johan Le Roux, Tony Klem, Michael Smit, Stuart Russell.

Heat two disappointingly pushed Kyle into fourth position.
The second heat produced an almost unbelievable result: Tony Klem, throttled out his first top podium spot, in a best time of: 01:05.013. It is not a great result compared to Kyle’s: 01:04.419, but, it allowed him to spray the JC Le Roux (no relation to Johan Le Roux), or get sprayed. This moment, has patiently awaited him for 45 years, and only today it came to fruition. By the current perceived pattern running, top runners like Graeme Van Breda, Kyle Robinson, Johan Le Roux and Pieter De Vos, got their work cut out for next season. A lineage of motorcycle racing might come in handy when you join the Kawasaki Masters, but sometimes, a flash in the pan can burn more than you think; cowering the talented to lesser positions on the racetrack. This reminds me so much of Aesop’s fable: The Tortoise and the Hare. —Wikipedia (?)

Heat two: Tony Klem, Graeme van Breda, Johan Le Roux, Kyle Robinson, Pieter de Vos, Michael Smit.
Outsider Michael Smit features more and more in the top six and this is great news, we need new blood in the top ranks, making the Kawasaki Masters series so much more enthralling.

It is also with melancholy that I publicly announce my amicable resignation as Tony Klem’s Guru. I have seen him developing over the passing seasons with great success. With every race meeting he grew better and more confident. I still clearly remember the first day we met. He was like a kid on too much refined sugar ... Now that he has tasted great success; I’m ready to send him off into a world of thunder, with only my words of inspiration running in his head. (Unfortunately, I cannot take on any new students, so don’t even ask, the answer is still no!)

Out of the scorching sun and into the Red Square Kawasaki sauna (garage). I’m taking headshots today, of who’s who in the Red Square fraternity. You can pick your own partner (not that they hold hands or go for windy walks), just so that I can halve my work. Less shots, more heads, same results.

If our world should come to a standstill (as it clearly did on Thursday with all the spectacular racing), who will you pick to be your buddy in the trenches?
Raymond (Keel) picked Sid Farinha; Johan summoned Lynette; Tony his mechanic. There was no way he could’ve picked me; I was holding the camera, so Steve Canon filled in. Ashik (Appanna Ganapathy), Stewie Christie. When I asked JB to pick a photo buddy, he immediately grabbed Pieter by the arm. These two have been friends ever since I can remember. (They say opposites attract: Pieter the front runner; JB a backmarker.) With his (legal) wife observing the spectacle (from her camping-chair), I can only imagine what discussions they have had, driving homeward. (JB has this dream, he told me, to one day racing in the top six, even if it takes him another lifetime—Go Toppie!)
Without hesitation, Abrie (Marais) picked his beautiful wife for a head- and back-shot; on the other end of the photo spectrum, Mark grabbed hold of two Red Square beauties, wondering where was Tracey?

The day the earth stood still: There is no scientific evidence against or for it. The two renowned movies that followed provided great entertainment and some sort of insight. For me on the other hand, Wednesday and Thursday, time really stood still, allowing me to capture some of the greatest moments motorsport has to offer. After two days in the heat and sun and shade, my time was eventually up. —Godspeed!

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Red Square Reload, Kawasaki ZX10R

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters

—Tony Klem, Graeme Van Breda, Kyle Robinson.

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Red Square Reload, Kawasaki ZX10R

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Master

—Rodney McLachlan. Never quit!*

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Red Square Reload, Kawasaki ZX10R

Red Square Reload(ed)

—Mark Weitz, kingpin.

Michael Smit, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Michael Smit #49

—Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R.

Stewie Christie, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Stewie Christie #65

—Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R.


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Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Extreme Festival, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2015/09/24. *SMOKING KILLS.