Johan Le Roux, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Johan Le Roux #44

—Hush now baby, baby don't you cry/ Mama's gonna check out all your girlfriends for you/ Mama won't let anyone dirty get through/ Mama's gonna wait up until you get in/ Mama will always find out where you've been/ Mama's gonna keep baby healthy and clean/ Ooooh baby oooh baby oooh baby/ You'll always be baby to me/
—Pink Floyd, Mother (?)

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Red Square Reload, Kawasaki ZX10R

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters

—Graeme Van Breda, Kyle Robinson, Pieter De Vos, Johan Le Roux, Stuart Russell, Jaco Gous, Raymond Keel, Tony Klem, Sid Farinha, Abrie Marais, Jason Joshua, Mike McSkimming, Sanjiv Singh, Hannes De Vos, Peter Clark, JB Schoeman, Ian Harwood, Henk Schuiling, Appanna Ganapathy, Stewie Christie, Rodney McLachan.
—Zwartkops Raceway.

Graeme Van Breda, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Kawasaki ZX10R

Graeme Van Breda #41

—Backdrop: Johan Le Roux, Kyle Robinson.

Henk Schuiling, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Kawasaki ZX10R

Henk Schuiling #69

—Finally he made it to the front page.

Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters: going home

/ Time rolls on/ And that's as it should be/ Here and gone/ Seems to move so quickly/ Man, we was happy in our restless hearts/ It was heaven right here on Earth/ Yeah, we were laughin' as we reached for the stars/ And we had some for what it was worth/ Those were good times/ Damn good times/ Those were good times/ Damn good times/ ...
/ 'Cause these are good times/ Damn good times/ Talkin' 'bout good times/ Damn good times/ ...
/ You can tell 'em/ We'll be having good times/ Damn good times/ I'm talkin' good times, yes sir/ Damn good times/ ... —David Lee Roth, Damn Good (?)

For the first time in so many years, I settle myself on the east bank of Zwartkops Raceway. I've done my photography for the weekend, and now I would like to sit under my Red Square umbrella and watch motorsport like all the other thousands flanking me. It feels strange not to reach for my camera. There will come a time (in all of us) that everything will come and go, be prepared. It is just how it works. With the Extreme Festival entering the last few hours of the day, I will sit here and become one with what I love most, before the silence returns to the ribbon of black ...

Mid Saturday morning, some Masters are working on their hibernation. It has almost become time for autumn. Johan Le Roux, is far off, (presumably) dreaming of dogs and voluptuous girls with tattoos. His rapid eye movement tells me he is further than far from this place, most probably enjoying himself, even though the noise outside dreamland hurts my hearing, he does not wake up.
Around the corner Pieter and JB, are in the same inanimate state ...

The Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters hesitantly line up on the starting grid for their one and only race of the day. A gruelling twenty lapper awaits them. This will be no easy feat, that I can promise you. I can only imagine what the human body must go through to survive this ordeal: elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased body temperature, thirst ... And, some, let me rather not say who, might be suffering from a severe hangover. The things we do to ourselves, just to be great, is amazing.

With the average lap time reaching just beyond one minute, twenty minutes can feel like an eternity. From where I stand I barely make out the numbers on the front of these superbikes. The heat rising from the racetrack obscures them almost completely ... it is 32 (°C) in the shade. With tinted visors down, and racing-suits suppressing heat exchange, I start to pray. Like 39 tomatoes heading for the same All Gold bottle, they hit turn one in a massive attack ...

The chequered flag called it a day. Graeme Van Breda rode his heart out. This is personal, this is honour, this is commitment. This is what a true Master would do. Even though his ZX10 crown is two weeks old, he still showed in true Van Breda style, how it is properly done to take the top podium.
To follow in his weary wake were Johan Le Roux and Stuart Russell. Places four, five and six, occupied by: Pieter De Vos, Jaco Gous, Raymond Keel.

Unfortunately, Johan Fourie’s prediction were right, his trivial words came to fruition: Tony never came close to finish. He took a severe spill just before two. Oil or concentration? I will not know. His Kawasaki ZX10R took to the air and came down hard ... Never saw him after the crash again, not even at the party (well I came late). The same fate befell Kyle Robinson. He got up, less a bubble (fairing-visor) and the number 18, finishing the race in true Kyle style. I take my hat off for such drive.

The sun drags it last few orange tentacles over the horizon, leaving only twilight and a bitter sweet after-taste in my mouth. The season is gone. The long "winter" of discontent lies ahead. In some sense it is a good thing, we all need a break, time to rethink things. Next season lies just around the corner: 13 February (2016), Red Star Raceway. Looking forward to the new faces; looking forward to the old(er) faces ...

Johan Fourie and I stand in front of the Aces Café. We watch joyful faces roll in and out to collect their trophies. We both light a Ritmeester (Moods Tubo). Sometimes I pack heavy to these motorsport events. I'm not a smoker in the sense, but once in a while I like to get light-headed with one of these cigars. I dearly understand that smoking is terribly bad for your health, but hey, this is a special occasion, why not celebrate it in style. As the opulent white smoke rise in the warm evening air, the two of us enjoy the moment for what it is. Next year will be even better. With ten new riders circling on the horizon, I embrace the future with eager arms. I take the last drag of my Tubo, blow the smoke into the darkness, flick the head in a rosebush, then realising once more, that it’s almost over, and time to go home.

The Aces Café is packed to the rafters. Greg Maloney plays MC. You can’t miss his crisp clear hard voice. Once he calls you name, you better come quick. The riders are collecting their well-deserved trophies without hesitation. Graeme got one too. He’s our new local hero (?). His hard work and firm character has finally paid off. Maybe, the 2016 Red Square season will hold some promise for Pieter De Vos, Kyle Robinson and Tony Klem. Kyle is one of the few that shows true potential, his downside however, he sometimes does not last a full heat.
Also to collect trophies were: Johannes Jameson Le Roux #44, Stuart Russell, Jaco Gous, Pieter "the Terrier" De Vos, Raymond Keel, Sid Farinha, Mike McSkimming and Ashik. They all accept their trophies with humble expressions—CONGRATULATIONS!

The final curtain has lowered. It is all over, nothing left to see here anymore. The last bit of thunder had risen up to the unobscured warm dark skies. The silence has returned once more to the ribbon of black. What will I do with all this free time? You can twiddle your thumbs for only so long. This was a long hard season. Thinking back how many hours I've stood in the sun, editing photos, wrecking the hell out of my brain to come up with enthralling topics and features.
On the opposite end of my spectrum, the blood, sweat, and, may I say tears these riders spilled during this arduous season, have resulted in the greatest features and photos—EVER!
Without them I will be nout (in this context). To stay on top of a Kawasaki ZX10R is no easy adventure. I think back at all the practice sessions, the official sessions, the heat, cold, the crashes, injuries; Fridays, when Hannes (De Vos) flips the meat, the conversations, the laughter ... the damn good times. The thousands of racing kilometres, the hours spent in a race suite, just to be crowned a ZX10 Cup champion, just to be part of one of the best Clubs in the world. I’ve seen it all, experienced most. Since 2012, I’ve met some of the most interesting people in the world, and that’s a fact.

Graeme, Johan Le Roux and Stuart Russell gathered on the podium. At 60, Stuart just knows how to kick Dainese (pronounced die-neh-zeh) in the back side. With their Bridgestone champers ready to pop, they look down at us, thinking, what a beautiful day. The inexpensive bubbly spayed through the air, it felt like cold rain on my skin ...

Fireworks went off, proclaiming the end, colouring the black heavens into something spectacular so that we don’t feel so sad. In the backdrop Breakfast at Tiffany’s (from the band Deep Blue Something) plays out loud (?). We all have something in common ... I think. It might just be motorsport.

/ The time is gone, the song is over/ Thought I'd something more to say/ Home/ Home again/ I like to be here/ When I can/ ... —Pink Floyd, Time (?)

And to all the Masters, Johan and Lynette Fourie, Mark and Tracey—THANK YOU, for an exceptional year. —Godspeed!

JB Schoeman, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

JB Schoeman #23

—Only in dreams we see what it means/ Reach out our hands hold onto hers/ But when we wake it's all been erased/ And so it seems only in dreams/
—Weezer, Only In Dreams (?)

Pieter De Vos, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Pieter De Vos #17

—Psst, hey, come on man, wake up/ Dream another dream/ This dream is over/
—Van Halen, The Dream Is Over (?)

Jason Joshua, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Jason Joshua #76

—On a fly (out of turn two).

Ashik, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Ashik (Appanna Ganapathy) #77

—Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Master.

Hannes De Vos, Red Square Kawasaki Masters, Red Square Reload

Hannes De Vos #15

—He surely is the main load bearing pillar, of the Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup.


—Title Sponsor: Red Square. Frontier Diamonds, Fantech, Rand Blower, Lani Industrial, Avidan, Air Systems, TRP Distributors, BTS Electrical, IVID, Van Breda Motorcycles, Avidan, 1st Tek Electrical, Silverton Bolt & Nut, Dent Doctor Witbank, Platinum Auto, iSolve Business Solutions, Fuel Gas Catering, Shakti Racing, Eastern Vet Hospital,—

Extreme Festival, Zwartkops Raceway, Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, South African Motorsport, 2015/11/07.

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