Adolf Boshoff, Kawasaki ZX6R, 600cc Supersport

Adolf Boshoff #32

Northern Regions Racing

—600cc Supersport, Kawasaki ZX6R.
—Zwartkops Raceway.

Blaze Baker, Kawasaki ZX6R, 600cc Supersport

Blaze Baker #51

—600cc Supersport, Kawasaki ZX6R.

Ivan van Niekerk, Kawasaki ZX10R, Unlimited Superbikes

Ivan van Niekerk #59

—Unlimited Superbikes, Kawasaki ZX10R.

Northern Regions Racing: About

What is it about you might ask? The obvious: about motorcycle racing.
About: Unlimited Superbikes, 600cc Supersport, Moto3/GP125/250 Club.
About: BOTTS, Masters, Formula Xtreme; about the 250 Cup, 150 Cup, Honda NSF 100, the Breakfast Run.
About: dreams and aspirations ...
About: the days of our lives ...

About: starting grids and dropping red lights.
About: chequered flags and other colourful flags, Marshalls and spectators.
About: winning and losing; disappointment, tears and fears.
About: Whisky dreams and cold beer.
About: Monsters and Pit Bulls.
About: great Aces Café coffee and takeaways.
About: annoying commentators.
About: practice sessions and Friday slackers.
About: race days and podium spots.
About: great photos and the passion for it.
About: turn one and fearless expressions.
About: accidents in turn two. Rising spirits; pushing forward—diligently.
About: defying a midlife crisis; or racing to be the best one day (on a national podium).
About: Blaze Baker and Adolf Boshoff.
About: Garrick Vlok, dark thoughts and Anthony Shelley.
About: Kyle (Robinson), erasing all forms of hope.
About: practice sessions for the national road show.
About: man and machine.
About: sunrise and sunset.
About: six spectators flanking the north bank.
About: setting up race camp; breaking it down.
About: attitudes and free photos.
About: wishing you were here.
About: a racetrack, sticky tyres and tinted visors.
About: brollie girls and skinny pants.
About: drooling men and Russian girls.
About: days gone by.
About: wasted youth.
About: excuses and opinions.
About: dirty race suits, knackered boots, smelly feet and helmet hair.
About: T-shirts with holes in.
About: somebody else’s motorcycle dreams.
About: those who are absent.
About: quiet desperations.
About: Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Morawaki, KTM, Ducati—mine is better than yours.
About: time and timed laps; records and jubilation.
About: stop watches and finger signals at the pit wall.
About: the true meaning of life, lessons learned and the ones we still have to learn.
About: me.
About: you.
About: sponsorships and the lack thereof.
About: on-board cameras and video clips.
About: colourful vinyl and black numbers.
About: monochromatic Xeroxed race programmes.
About: protruding breasts, long legs and butterflies.
About: accidents, guilt and friendship.
About: what you will miss, if you are not here.
About: an unforgiving ribbon of black.
About: racing fuel, Bridgestone Tyres and Arai Helmets ...
About: the sounds and smells and thunder, nowhere else to be found, but here.

Everything you need to know ABOUT: life, love, animosity, disappointment, dreams, aspirations, tears, fears, the past, the present, the future, sounds, smells, good coffee, motorsport photography, friendship (what did I leave out?) and excellent motorcycle racing—can be found right here.
See you ALL, at the next Northern Regions Racing (RSR) motorcycle racing event. —Godspeed!

Northern Regions Racing, Unlimited Superbikes, 600 Supersport

Brandon Goode #71

—Kawasaki ZX10R.

Northern Regions Racing, Unlimited Superbikes, 600 Supersport

Anthony Shelley #74

—Kawasaki ZX6R.

Northern Regions Racing, Unlimited Superbikes, 600 Supersport

Dylan Barnard #64

—Yamaha YZF R6.

Northern Regions Racing, Unlimited Superbikes, 600 Supersport

Blaze Baker #51

—Kawasaki ZX6R.

Northern Regions Racing, Unlimited Superbikes (USBK), 600 Supersport, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2014/05/31.