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Kawasaki ZX10R Masters: sum total

Thursday, and the Kawasaki pit garage is already well organised. Most of the Masters are ready to tackle the day’s three scheduled practice sessions. Tomorrow (the 9th of August, women’s day), will be the great battle. At the back of the dim noisy garage stood the number-thirty-two race bike of Gavin Lightfoot. After an off-track incident that left him indispose, he is finally back, to give big tuna, Stewart MacLeod, an uphill battle. But before he can reach the euphoric apex of the day, he still had to deal with the tenacious Pieter de Vos #17 and Brain Bontekoning #16. This will not be an easy battle. The front runners might not be so elated with his return, as I am, but hey, they still put up brave-racing-faces. The team was definitely not the same without Gavin. WELCOME BACK—GAVIN!

In the meantime lucky number 13, Tony Klem, got reeled overboard by fisherwomen Pia Klem (-Quaroni). From what I can gauge out of our conversation on Thursday, it was not even a difficult reel. Yes, dear readers, lucky number thirteen got him a beautiful ball-and-chain (maybe also a set of those with the fur around the shackles and chain). Tony got married on the 13th of July, 2013 and I hope the “rock” on Pia’s finger, is from his own stock?
But, something was not right with Kawasaki Master Tony. He lacked the usual diamond sparkle he has in his eyes, on race weekend. His body was there (Extreme Festival, Zwartkops Raceway); his mind definitely still in Hermanus. His throttle hand and gear-shift-foot was out of balance, even Kawasaki Veteran, Andre van Vollenstee #82, capitalized on a lacklustre Tony, and made Pasta Carbonara out of him (in the first race only). Getting married is no easy feat; initially there is a lot of strain on the BRAIN/brain. Whatever the cause of his poor performance, only he will know. Will we ever know? I think not. But I’m confident that after reading my inspirational/demoralising words, he will do much better at the next Kawasaki ZX10R Masters motorcycle race event, scheduled for 14 September at Kyalami Raceway. CONGRATULATIONS—TONY, PIA! (Van Halen - Can't Stop Lovin' You)

Race Day: Of course Stewart MacLeod #46 had a great day at the races. His race style was confident, quick and smooth. Gliding through the turns, as a garter in the perky Hermanus wind, scored him two top podium hot spots; of course the steaming Kawasaki train followed closely on his Battlax R10 trail: Gavin Lightfoot #32, Pieter de Vos #17, Brain Bontekoning #16, followed by Johan le Roux #44 and Paul Jacobs #37. The back order consisted of Sid Farinha #57, Peter Clark #64, Gavin Wagenaar #54, JB Schoeman #23, Appanna Ganapathy #77 and Paul Webber #28.

With the second race, the finishing order stayed the same up to position four, with Stewart MacLeod setting a best time for the day of 01:03.772. The fifth position was filled by Paul Jacobs #37; and moving into range, in sixth place, was Tony Klem #13. Race two saw Peter Clark moving up the race order to spot 14, followed by Andre Denoon #58 and Sid Farinha #57. JB Schoeman #23 moved up the ladder into position 17, by pushing Gavin Wagenaar #54 back one position. The last two positions were filled by Appanna Ganapathy #77 and Paul Webber #28.

The first thing you learn in business school (and if you read 1984 of George Orwell) is: two plus two equals five (2 + 2 = 5). That the sum total is greater than the individual elements/parts.
Without the Extreme Festival there could be no Kawasaki Masters (and vice versa); without the support of Kawasaki the same could be said. Without the generous sponsors: Bridgestone and Red Square, there could be no descent motorcycle racing. Without Stewart MacLeod, Gavin Lightfoot, Pieter de Vos, Brian Bontekoning, and the rest of the invaluable members of the rowdy Kawasaki Masters Club, there would absolutely be nothing to enthral us on lawnmower Saturdays.

Everything in life is connected, either we believe it or not. The Kawasaki Masters (and their sponsors) stand as evidence to this statement; Tony Klem and his new wife Pia (she sounds Italian to me); to the spectators that cheer this lot on: we are one; the sum total of everything that is great and noisy. —Godspeed!

STARTING GRID LINE UP: Tony Klem #13, Brian Bontekoning #16, Pieter de Vos #17, Kyle Robinson #18, JB Schoeman #23, Paul Webber #28, Gavin Lightfoot #32, Raymond Keel #33, Paul Jacobs #37, Rodney McLachlan #42, Jaco Gous #43, Johan le Roux #44, Stewart MacLeod #46, Gavin Wagenaar #54, Sid Farinha #57, Andre Denoon #58, Peter Clark #64, Appanna Ganapathy #77, Andre von Vollenstee #82, Stuart Russell #83, Robbie Breakspear #88.

RESULTS RACE ONE: (1) Stewart MacLeod (best lap: 01:04.073), (2) Gavin Lightfoot, (3) Pieter de Vos, (4) Brian Bontekoning, (5) Johan le Roux, (6) Paul Jacobs.

RESULTS RACE TWO: (1) Stewart MacLeod (best lap: 01:03.712), (2) Gavin Lightfoot, (3) Pieter de Vos, (4) Brian Bontekoning, (5) Paul Jacobs, (6) Tony Klem.

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Extreme Festival, Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2013/08/09, 120 images)

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