Brent Harran #4, Bikefin Honda CBR600RR, Wesbank Super Series

Wesbank Super Series: Real orange men of this country

Last year David McFadden (#69) kicked some 'pepper' in the faces of fellow Supersport 600 class mates on his trusted Kawasaki ZX6R—with exuberant joy he took the championship trophy home. The Honda motorcycle race team was left bland, this year might be a different story.

This year the elated scoot jockey has made a bold leap to the Superbike class. A cat amongst the pigeons, so to speak. His presence is felt, the pigeons are restless. Greg Gildenhuys, Chris Leeson and Nicolas Grobler have Mount Sumeru to deal with. This newcomer to the Superbike class cannot be handled without race gloves. Wiping the sweat from their foreheads and with a sigh of relieve, the Bikefin Honda team can stare confidently into the orange early morning sun—McFlash is gone! Now there is hope, time to shoot fish in a barrel.

If I'm not mistaken, the first team to struck the spectators with a vivid colour were the Blu Horizon Kawasaki team of Stewart Macleod and Paul Jacobs, big contenders in the Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup. These bright red Kawasaki motorcycles stand out like a clear full moon on a dark night—hard to miss.

The Honda team followed suite this year (I believe so) and came up with a brilliant-orange design. Monkey see, monkey do? The Honda race team however, took it a bit further and made something spectacular of monkey see, monkey do. Riders as well as motorcycles are donned in this almost retina-scorching-orange. From top to bottom the brilliant orange cascades from rider to motorcycle in one effortless flow. There is a stark difference between the mundane 2011 look and what you seen now on the Zwartkops racetrack—brilliant, enthralled.

I wish the Bikefin Honda motorcycle race team all the best for 2012—after all, they are the (only) real orange men of this country. OOH HA OOH HA! •

Words & Photos: Martine & Adriaan & Martine Venter (Wesbank Super Series, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2012/03/03, 140 images) Main Image: Brent Harran #4, Bikefin Honda CBR600RR, Supersport 600.