Charl Arangies, Noble M400, GT Challenge

Pro Tour Series: To be of Noble descent

You might not bear good looks or even have the opportunity to a front row spot on the garage floor, no, you've been relegated to the back where the rays of the sun seek you out last. Your black skin makes it even harder to spot you. Behind all the vibrant red you seek shelter from a discriminating world that doesn't completely grasp your full potential. Alas, with every moment that passes your confidence grew stronger, in time the ignorant will be stupefied—not all race cars are created equal.

Illusions are projected right in front of our eyes. A buffet of beauty obscures my view of the real world—sleek designs, red flaring nostrils, vibrant luring colours, thunderous engines and claws that produce plumes of white tyre smoke with the slightest touch of the pedal. They candy coat our eyes and ears.

Next to me stood two guys cheering for Mark du Toit in his Trans Africa Ferrari 360 Challenge (GTC3), positioned somewhere in the middle of the pack. They only see and believe what they want to. According to them it's a red Ferrari and who in his right mind can muscle so much power. Forgetting the obvious fact that this red beast is not part of the record breakers (do spectators realize that there are different classes in this challenge?). Sadly, only a few pay attention to Charl Arangies who's running away from the pack, leaving frustration in his wake.
'Dorothy, what might be your excuse for under performing, is it the amnesty sticker on you door that reads, GTC2, or the fact that your legs are to short to out run the scrawny crow? With a deafening noise and lightning fast speed, the scrawny crow out performs the rest. Who would've thought it's possible?

At the back of the GT garage stood the proud Noble, donned in black with a diagonal bright yellow stripe, indicating its lineage—VFS. Just for a second or so I pay attention to it, before I got lured in by Dorothy, Nicky Dicks' Ferrari. Never in a million years believing that, that car could throw a punch like Mohammed Ali, leaving the rest of the GT pack (Ferrari, Porsche, KTM X-Bow, Dodge Viper...), grasping for air in its vacuum trail. My advice to the rest of the GT pack, 'More Sunoco under the right foot if you don't mind.'

Although the GT Challenge starting grid was not populated to its full racing potential (last November, 27 drivers appeared on the programme roster), the Noble (Noble M400) of Charl Arangies made it worth watching. Adding the GT Classics to the race to smooth out low attendance, did not fully satisfy my need for serious race action. I'm sure that the new race recipe will hold for now, but I would've loved to see more than what was added at a whim. Maybe the likes of Toby Venter in his Porsche GT2R, or Wilhelm Baard with his vivid green Nissan GT-R, the list goes on. In the end it was WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

After a long day in the autumn sun I've come to realize that to be of Noble descent is sometimes an uphill battle. You might not have the Italian flare or elegant design features, but what really matters is how you kicked dust in the faces of the ignorant masses—taking the chequered flag with fearless pride (at least in race one), emphasising the fact that—NOT ALL RACE CARS ARE CREATED EQUAL. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Pro Tour Series, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2012/04/14, 136 images) Main Image: Charl Arangies #13, Noble M400, GT Challenge.

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