Nicky Dicks, Ferrari F430 Challenge, Phakisa Freeway

Pro Tour Series: Brightening the gloomy Phakisa sky

If you are a race car supporter the GT Challenge is the pinnacle event of this race day. The cars that made up the starting grid were not your everyday vehicles found on our congested city to city highways. No! These rare beasts are what children and adults dream about—old people too. These are the cars you'll find in glossy magazines or on Top Gear. The cars Top Gear presenters make snotty remarks about—the only way to justify not having one parked in their garages. Out here at the Phakisa Freeway though, you can actually see them in action; there are enough tarmac to keep spectators enthralled until the last drop of race energy is emitted.

Today the Red Dragon is up against Bigfoot—driven by Sun Moodley. The friendly man from Durban in his Porsche 997 GT3 Cup brightened the sky over Phakisa (the weatherman predicted scattered thunder showers) and gave Nicky Dicks an uphill battle, so did Andrew Culbert (another Bigfoot driver). The Dragon driver however, did not take it lying down. The Red Dragon settled between the two Bigfoots, but not without a fight. Good clean competitive sparks flew and nose to bumper the Red Dragon and Bigfoot lit up the gloomy Phakisa sky.

Unfortunately not all the GT contenders pitched for the maiden race of the season, sigh! Now this is a slap in the face of motorsport enthusiasts. Fortunately the underpopulated starting grid was no need for tears. To make this event worthwhile, the Shelby Can-Ams and the GT Challenge classes were placed on the same starting grid. What a competition this turned out to be. The cars from Mars were not intimidated by their street legal super expensive ostentatious super car competitors. In fact, after 30 minutes and one extra lap, the cars from Mars proved to be king(s) of the track. There secret weapon? They're from Mars! •

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Pro Tour Series, Phakisa Freeway, 2012/02/18, 90 images) Main Image: Nicky Dicks #37, Ferrari F430 Challenge, GT Challenge.

GT Challenge Starting Grid: Vernon Bricknell, Christo Lotter, Chris Wishart, Charl Arangies, Sun Moodley, Greg Parton, Andrew Culbert, Nicky Dicks, Preyen Moodley, Kris Budnik, Johan Engelbrecht, Howard Blake, Stefan Puschavez and Andrie Bester.

Shelby Can Am Starting Grid: Rui Campos, Brain Algar, Alan Eve, Andrew Strike, Ferdi van Niekerk, Doug MacDonald, Thomas Reib, Greg Walker, Sean Greve, Craig Shorter and Alister Brown.

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