Kawasaki ZX10R, Brian Bontekoning, Pro Tour Series

Pro Tour Series: Freeing Phakisa Freeway

Friday morning.
A huge outdoor sign at the entrance to the paddock reads, 'Welcome Race Fans to the Capital of South African Motorsport.' This exaggerated statement got my attention. Phakisa Freeway is definitely not the motorsport capital of South Africa, but this beautiful yet neglected racetrack is still capable of producing great displays of motor racing madness. Already the Phakisa Freeway ant hill (pits) was busy as hell. The drive from Pretoria to Welkom was long and arduous, but worth every penny. Along the way we saw (and greeted) a lot of familiar contenders, hastily making their way to the Capital of South African Motorsport.

The Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters appeared on the race scene. These mature war dogs don't let anything hold them back. Phakisa is a great motorcycle racetrack—long straights and sharp turns (making it a paradise for motorsport photographers)—testing agility and ability to the fullest. Here the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Steward Macleod, Paul Jacobs, Brain Bontekoning, Pieter de Vos, Joe Shearer and not to forget the always friendly Ike Bodigelo, with the rest of the Red Square team will put up a display of fearlessness, utilising every inch of the tarmac...

Late Friday afternoon.
Vernon Steyn (from Pro Tour) invited us along for a high speed drive through the streets of Welkom. The mission? To disrupt the general population and congested traffic conditions of high street Welkom; revving some sense into the public domain and to advertise the upcoming spectacular Pro Tour Series the following day. Kicking it into high gear were the Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Goldwagen Challenge and of course a small procession of the latest Nissan vehicles, proudly sponsored by Welkom Nissan.

And off we were, round and round we went, traffic and pedestrians were blocked in a orderly manner by the helpful and friendly traffic officers of Welkom. Again and again, round and round and round... The public stood in awe. When was the last time a loud tornado of this magnitude rolled over a small almost forgotten town. The Kawasaki ZX10R Masters and Volkswagen Golf race cars attracted at lot of attention and the Welkom public enjoyed it tremendously. Come Sunday all of Welkom would still have a vivid memory of what they've experienced. See you all at the next Pro Tour Series. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Pro Tour Series, Phakisa Freeway, 2012/02/17, Practice Session, 75 images) Main Image: Brian Bontekoning #16, Kawasaki ZX10R.

Kawasaki ZX10R Starting Grid: Tony Klem, Ike Bodigelo, Simon Bezuidenhout, Chris Marais, Paul Jacobs, Stewart Macleod, Bertus Meyburgh, Wayne Thomas, Frans Bester, Appanna Ganapathy, Alan Ryan, Brain Bontekoning, Pieter de Vos, Johan Fourie, Johan Steyn, JB Schoeman, Raymond Keel, Kobus le Roux, Rodney McLachlan, Johan le Roux, Brain Moldenhauer, Sid Farinha, Stewart Christie, Joe Shearer and Stuart Russell.