Cars in the Park 2010, Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria Old Motor Club

Cars in the Park 2010

Cars-in-the-Park is usually in August of every year. This is most probably the highlight on the car events calendar. It has become part of the history of Pretoria and its inhabitants. Ask anyone if they are aware of the up and coming Cars-in-the-Park event and most of the time they will tell you they are and that they will be attending. It is part of our Pretoria culture; part of us.

The best advice I can give anybody is to arrive early, to spare yourself parking disappointment and avoiding queues. You will also have a chance to take great pictures with minimal interference. The people are remarkable at these events. At this early hour, cars are still rolling in from all four corners of our great country. As we stand there in the cool morning air you can sense the energy that these relics bring with it.

Some owners meticulously clean their dinosaurs inside and outside; it must be perfect before anybody lays eyes on it. Unfortunately, although I would've loved that, I did not grow up in an era filled with beautiful curves and solid structures, outfitted with the most amazing tail and head lights, not to mention the hard chrome work.

These days cars are spit together, no way will they even survive long enough to make it to an historic event. With a grin on my face I try to image how we will page through old magazines or be transfixed to a dippy tablet device 20 years from now, viewing old cars, standing upright, on a barren landscape that once was the apex of quality.

Slowly we move forward from car to car, developing a sense of desire for one of these beauties. The cars come in all shapes, sizes and colours. By the look of it, you could easily fit a family of ten into one of these immaculate machines. Some are restored to original status and others are stepped up to appeal to a younger, prouder generation. One day is almost not enough to appreciate everything. With some time left on the clock we near the end of the exhibition. Again Cars-in-the-Park was a great success. Time to go home. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Cars in the Park 2010, Zwartkops Raceway, 2010/08/01, 52 images)

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