Stewart MacLeod, Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup

Kawasaki ZX10R Masters: before the final curtain

Before the final curtain comes down, spectators and Kawasaki ZX10R aficionados have a final chance to see these quick and fearless Red Square ZX10R Masters in action at the illustrious Zwartkops Raceway on the 29th (practice) and 30th of November 2013. Twenty-five race bikes, twenty-five Masters, fifty Bridgestone Battlax R10s (to keep them nice and tight on the racetrack). With tinted visors down, track surface heat-waves rising from below, they will impatiently wait for the red lights to drop … Like bullets out of a Clint Eastwood revolver, will they blast off into turn one, to conclude this spectacular motorcycle racing season on a high note.
Serious motor racing fans can also look forward to the Extreme Supercars, Formula Vee, Rosso Challenge (Ferrari Class), Thunderbikes, Brunch Run Challenge, Superhatch, 111 Sports & Saloons, Alfa Trofeo and the BMW Car Club.

Even though Stewart MacLeod has already Brasso-ed his trophy every night since he first secured the 2013 Masters Championship title, he still has to stand tall for THIS upcoming event, proving that he is truly the king of the black (and a great sportsman). During the past motorcycle racing season he (Stewart) has reeled in sixteen top podium hot spots (eight races), securing 400 points. ‘Big Tuna! We would love to see you back on the black for the next season.’

In the Veteran class, the championship trophy is still up for grabs. Racing terrier Pieter de Vos #17 registers at the top of the log with 310 points; close on his hind tyre is contortionist Gavin Lightfoot #32 on 300 well deserved points, followed by Johan le Roux #44 on 256. With fifty points up for grabs, the battle for the 2013 Veteran Championship title is far from over.

Like everything else in life, so too, must the Red Square/Bridgestone Kawasaki Masters season come to an end. It will only leave quietness in its wake. We will miss the thunder, the sportsmanship, the camaraderie and the friendship. But, before THIS sombre moment strikes a blow and the final curtain lowers onto the black, we can expect one more spectacular showdown form the tough Masters of the Kawasaki ZX10R motorcycle racing club. —Godspeed!

PROVISIONAL STARTING GRID LINE UP: Tony Klem #13, Hannes de Vos #15, Brian Bontekoning #16, Pieter de Vos #17, Kyle Robinson #18, Johan Fourie #19, JB Schoeman #23, Simon Bezuidenhout #25, Peet de Lange #26, Francois Saunders #27, Paul Webber #28, Chris Marais #30, Gavin Lightfoot #32, Raymond Keel #33, Paul Jacobs #37, Carel Brits #40, Graeme van Breda #41, Rodney McLachlan #42, Jaco Gous #43, Johan le Roux #44, Stewart MacLeod #46, Colleen Smit #47, Bertus Meyburgh #50, Gavin Wagenaar #54, Sid Farinha #57, Andre Denoon #58, Peter Clark #64, Stewart Christie #65, Henk Schuiling #69, Pieter Henstra #70, Appanna Ganapathy #77, Andre van Vollenstee #82, Stuart Russell #83, Justin Gillesen #84, Steven Smit #85, Robbie Breakspear #88, Walter Marafioti #99.

Words & Photos: Adriaan & Martine Venter (Red Square Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup, Extreme Festival, Zwartkops Raceway, South African Motorsport, 2013/11/20, Prequel 2 Sequel) Main Images: Stewart MacLeod, Gavin Lightfoot, Kawasaki ZX10R.

Gavin Lightfoot, Kawasaki ZX10R Masters, Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup

Gavin Lightfoot: Kawasaki ZX10R