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Radio controlled aeroplanes

Sundays are usually quiet, unless, a good friend of mine phones me up, inviting me for a day in the sun with radio controlled aeroplanes (RC Planes). If the weather plays along a large group of people usually gathers for such an outing. Armed with my Nikon camera, Sigma 50 – 500mm lens; I'm off to practice RC Plane capturing techniques. Proven to be quiet difficult.

Everybody knows everybody by name and plane, and if you've had a devastating crash recently, then of course the whole lot will know your face. What is most profound about this group of aficionados (believing other groups as well), is the fact that these hobbyists exchange ideas and support eloquently. They know all the facts, specifications, parts, and what not (as they say), by heart; sounding like Rain Man. To me, it is Chinese: Torque tubes, telemetry, blade pitches, GHz radio systems, digital servos, gyros, flybarless systems, receivers, lithium polymer batteries... Now! Multiply this with actual numbers and settings and you will find me lost, again.

Setting up the RC base camp, is done with diligence. Radio controlled planes and helicopters are carefully removed from vehicles (including accessories); if you're a super hobbyist, from your fully equipped mobile unit or trailer. Before the maiden flight, everything gets checked and double checked to avert despair. Only then, can unequivocal enjoyment start.

Of course I enjoy the RC (radio controlled) moments immensely. I might not become a RC Plane pilot in due course, but I will always enjoy the photographic moments without reservation. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - www.rainmakerbell.com (Radio Controlled Helicopters & Planes, 2011/09/18, 30 images) Main Image: Edge 540 RC Plane.