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The balanced world

There is a fine line between balance and unbalance. The half-half world we live in doesn't always tell us when our numbers are up. Inanimate objects await the same fate, that's why the Buddha suggests that we all contemplate impermanence and make the most of every moment; but also to realise that doom and gloom await us all.

Most Sundays I attend the helicopter RC airbase, to stand witness to tenacious personalities putting up an awe inspiring display of magic with their complex flying manoeuvres (3D helicopter flying) and radio finger twisting tricks. Not even to mention the amount of invaluable RC helicopter information that gets disseminated. Weekends are mostly accident free; laughter and enjoyment echoes far and wide between the vista—in front of us—and Monday morning traffic.

With my arrival at the RC airbase I first noticed that the place was almost swamped in water. Yesterday, the weatherman was right—for the first time in his life. The drenched earth did not stop anybody from enjoying the heavens (you find a dry spot and fly), but there was something in the air that twisted the whole reality around, turning it into hell for some pilots. Helicopters and RC planes came down from the beautiful heavens as if it was the advent of judgement day. Their (pilots) faces showed disappointment, even despair; their characters just the opposite.

Next weekend we will all be there again, trying to create balance in an unbalanced world; or do we create an unbalanced world in an already balanced one? •

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - (RC Helicopters, RC Planes, 2012/02/12, 70 images)