MCPX Blade Micro RC Helicopter, Model Aircraft, Outdoor Photography

Babycopter Herman

In our so called modern society, things are either outrageously large or very small and quite unique—in between is just too average, too boring. Avoiding this part of the spectrum immediately places us in the spotlight. More concentrated efforts on the opposite ends of the spectrum means you're definitely not average...

At the RC aircraft airbase things started out as usual. The mundane routine work (unpacking) got done before pilots took it to the sky. Suddenly the blue sky got disrupted by a squadron comprising of a Dakota C47 and half a dozen or so Silver Falcons (Pilatus PC-7 Mk II Astra). The droning sound of these magnificent machines of the big blue, proclaimed Freedom Day in their own unique style. At the RC airbase on the other hand we celebrated our own freedom, a freedom far away from the corroding city life and congested highways. As these magnificent planes passed over our 'tiny' RC airbase, we stood in amazement, the South African Air Force never fails to impress—Salute!

On most days you will witness the same model aircrafts and pilots mocking the sky. It is not as if these model aircrafts fall under the category—FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)—or do they? Well, you might think so if you see how this past-time is rapidly expanding; or how aircrafts get replaced after Karma dealt you a bad hand for sins from a previous life. Everybody dreads this hand, indiscriminately she will slap planes and helicopters out of the blue sky with a vengeance, back to earth. Then there are times when Karma also lets a fortunate pilot pull a wee mechanical dragonfly from the proverbial hat—what joy it brings.

A brightly red and blue coloured MCPX Blade spread its blades for its maiden flight in an unfamiliar territory—its pilot an old hand to this part of the sky. The mechanical dragonfly (MCPX Blade) braves the morning air in a flybarless configuration. It is so small in size that indoor and outdoor manoeuvres are easily accomplished: inverted hover, loops, flips, rolls, funnels and hurricanes... I guess your fingers and the sky are the only limits. Next door a vividly adorned double wing Pitts Special brave the wind-still sky at its own pace. Both enjoying the outdoors as if tomorrow will never come. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - (Radio Controlled Helicopters, Radio Controlled Planes, 2012/04/27, 28 images) Main Image: MCPX Blade Micro RC Helicopter.