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We are all connected

As humans we are all unique in what we do, eat, drink, read, share, think, ... but in some weird way we are connected—an invisible tether running through all of us. People with the same interests would normally huddle together. So it doesn't matter what you fancy in this life, there will always be an audience applauding as you make your stand.

RC helicopter pilots don't just come together on a Sunday to avoid responsibility at home or to fly until the last drop of helicopter-fuel or battery life is depleted, no, these characters also come together to converse. A large part of the day is normally spend on technical stuff, and if it is not about specifications, the latest models, brands (Align T-Rex, Mikado, HobbyKing...), trends and the like, they talk about life, ideals, politics, marriage, aspirations, work and sometimes they share details on their wounds. A chopped finger can bring a lot out of people. That is what we had here last weekend when the lack of concentration, worldly distractions and strange voices in the head, flocked together in a finger chopping accident.

Like a black hole consuming everything in its pathway, so to can a severely damaged/sliced finger draw attention to itself. In a blink of an eye pilots dropped everything (unless you had something up in the air) to attend to the unfortunate victim. The topic for the remainder of the day was the finger, more specific the right thumb, our friend had almost lost a finger—lets take a moment.

After such an experience, some of you would most probably sell everything and take up a hobby that is less dangerous. Well, the poignant news is that everything in life has a certain amount of danger to it, 80/20, nothing is perfect or ever out of danger. The good news is however, the RC helicopter pilot made it back to the airfield this week (just like the itsy bitsy spider) with all ten his fingers intact, full of smiles and at the centre of attention.

Today there will be less emphasis on specifications, trends, brands; more vigilance will be placed on how not to loose a finger when trying to launch a model aircraft into the blue yonder.

In some sense we are all connected. Typing this column I can only image how it must have felt and as I hit the last few keys to end this page I feel a slight tinkle in my right index finger—could this be from the aftershock? •

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - (RC Helicopters, RC Planes, 2012/04/01, 47 images) Main Image: Align T-Rex 500 3D RC Helicopter.