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The weatherman has predicted no rain for today but the sky is already coated with a thin white layer of clouds. It doesn't look like rain at all, but then again I'm no weatherman, just an avid model aircraft photographer.

Next to the RC plane and helicopter airbase is a line of pilots readying themselves for a great day out in the open—ignoring any naysayers. If you want to fly radio controlled aeroplanes and helicopters nothing will stop you, not even a fatal technical problem. Out here problems gets straightened out in a blink of an eye by the resident RC technical expert—and co-pilots. There is actually no way in the world that you will get stranded out here, friendly assistance is only a few steps away.

Today the RC airbase is more populated than usually. New faces and shiny new air-crafts have come to enjoy the vast vista of freedom. This is one past time that actually adds years to your life and in some cases zeros to your wallet—after a few fatal crashes or serious upgrades. I enjoy the companionship, the RC planes, helicopters and the unfamiliar tech-talk. See you all at the next event.

Radio controlled helicopters featured: HobbyKing, Align T-Rex and Thunder Tiger.

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - www.rainmakerbell.com (RC Helicopters, RC Planes, RC Jets by Machiel Horn, 2012/01/29, 43 images) Main Image: HK600 RC Helicopter.