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Some of these RC pilots make it out to be simple

The weatherman said, 'It's gonna to be a scorcher today'—but that wasn't enough to deter the RC Plane pilots to stay at home. Staying home and flicking through TV channels are tiresome, especially on a beautiful Sunday morning; holding a (RC Plane) radio/control in your hands, negotiating your own excitement is much more fun. If you live in a city and slave away behind a desk—driving the paper lorry—then this is a de-stresser.

Arriving at the RC air base and already a few hobby pilots are fiddling with their radio controlled aeroplanes and helicopters, setting it up for the first flight of the day. Everything arrives in a de-constructed state and is assembled at the air field. Carefully the RC aircraft are put together, every special bold and nut gets tightened just enough, fuel is added and then the aircraft is fired up, screaming defiance at gravity and mother earth.

Some of these RC pilots make it out to be simple, 'Nice and easy like gravy' in the words of Brain Johnson, AC/DC, especially when it comes to RC helicopter 3D flying. Proven not to be the case. Amazed at all the quick manoeuvres, I try to snap as many photos as possible—will later wade through the pile to pick out the good takes. Not an easy task, especially the close ups. The day turned out to be huge fun; tomorrow it is back to driving the paper lorry—again. •

Words and Photos: Adriaan Venter - (Radio Controlled Helicopters, Radio Controlled Planes, 2012/01/08, 70 images)