Align T Rex 500 3D, Titan Thunder Tiger, Eben Koen

Align T Rex, HobbyKing and Thunder Tiger showdown

Our RC airbase welcomes those individuals that favours helicopters mostly. If you are the proud owner of a Lightning or even a Stryker (Stryker F-27Q, courtesy of JP ) then we would not mind, but, there must be evidence of a RC helicopter—or helicopters—in your squadron. This is most probably the only rule that constitutes this congregation. In some quiet way people move over to groups that carries the same interest by heart—they form these symbiotic structures. At this airbase you will find the helis on the one side and the planies on the other... Now and then they may share a thought or two.

Specific brands don’t really matter out here, the in thing after all is, Align, genuine Align, T Rex Align. I can't be more specific. Now and then you will also notice, a Raptor (Thunder Tiger) or even HobbyKing (HK600). Through my eyes they are all great contenders, it solely depends on the pilot and his steady hands. Some contenders prefer 'Black Label' (not mainstream medicine for radio jitters) to assist with shaky-hand-syndrome.

Sundays, most of us ran away from our homes, church, wives, girlfriends, dogs and children, to have some meaningful time with fellow RC helicopter pilots and also to gain a new perspective on life—By the time you read this, I will most probably be flat on my back, rubbing my chin... asking: 'What's that for—' Discussing meaningful things about important stuff regarding radio controlled helicopters. You can share what ever you want as long as the symbiotic structure is maintained. Thanks to Peter Church* I now completely understand what the effect of a clunk problem can have on you ability to fly. In short: It's like my grandfather going on a date without his v:-)gra.

I will explain in greater detail: Most newbies (i.e. novice RC pilots) in the model aircraft industry would probably also ask what it is. This is also a new term to me—like I've mentioned before—it's all Chinese. Well to put it simple: A clunk or clunk-line is the line that picks up the fuel inside the tank, this fuel-line is weighted down by a clunk to prevent erratic engine operation both in normal and inverted aerobatic manoeuvres. Well, there you have it. This is only one fact (or term) under the knee; there are still a gazillion other small things to master; don't despair.

Well, it is time for me to go home and spend some meaningful time—please don't guess—with the TV. See you next Sunday at RC Aerodrome. •

Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter - (Radio Controlled Helicopters, 2012/02/05, 50 images) *pseudonym