Saltburn by the Sea, Saltburn, North East England

We will meet again on the Saltburn pier

I thought about what the Buddha said about living a good life and extending a hand to others—collecting enough merit for the next life, or this one.

I've been here once before, struggling to recall the memory, it is very vague, but I feel a positive connection to this beautiful place. Saltburn-by-the-Sea the jewel of the North East, actually all the places up in the North East of England are vistas beyond words. In the past year or so we've visited this place a dozen times, enjoying the hiking routes, the tranquil environment and the beautiful English these people speak. To place this in perspective, I'm from South Africa, so initially we did not understand each other. I vividly remember asking for directions in New Castle and the time when I wanted to buy a three-point-plug from Sainsbury's in Thornaby. Let's just say that it took longer than it should have.

In the Marine Parade parking area, in front of the old buildings overlooking the ocean, you experience the place in all its splendour. The view extends from one side of Saltburn right down the coastline to the other side in one panoramic view. In one grasp you see all its beauty, history, tranquillity and modern day life.

Hastily we made our way to the Saltburn pier, it once won an award for the most beautiful pier in all of England, so they say. Our feet trod fast to the far end of the pier. I not only wanted to look back on history, but also wanted to lay eyes on a different ocean and to see if I can recall anything from my past life—I felt so connected. On a bench we perched ourselves, feeling the cool breeze running through our hair and on our skin. For a long time Martine and I just sat there trying to consume as much as possible. In an unexpected soft voice I uttered to her, 'In my next live I will meet you here again, look for me at this exact same place.' She just smiled, nodded and said, 'I will look until I find you.' •

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Words & Photos: Adriaan Venter (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Saltburn Pier, North East England)

Saltburn by the Sea, Saltburn, North East England Saltburn by the Sea, Saltburn, North East England Saltburn by the Sea, Saltburn, North East England Saltburn by the Sea, Saltburn, North East England