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www.rainmakerbell.com (RMB) is offering—niche—ADVERTISING space to business owners/companies that wish to extend their products and/or services to a bigger market. These available spaces were planned strategically without losing our core essence—MOTORSPORT. (And to also prevent advertising-congestion, like found on many websites.) The world needs to know who you truly are! The following products/spaces (1-6) are available:

1—Comprehensive Company / Business Profile (CBP)

This helping of PRIME web-real-estate could extend your products and/or services to a much wider audience, even beyond the reaches of your own website; and, if you do not have a definite web presence, this could be your new HOME. You will receive the same amount of WEB-SPACE as any of our invaluable motorsport articles: main photo, H2 header, comprehensive business profile, business information (tel, fax, cel, email, www) and 15 photos representing your products. As a business owner you will provide RMB with photos and raw information (text), and we will make it look GREAT! (click here to view live CBP)

Advertising Space: RMB-CBP.
Location: Dedicated URL (your own webpage).
Runtime: 365 Days.
Price: R1600 per CBP.
Interested? Contact Us


Bigger than this is hard to find.

Advertising Space: RMB-950.
Size: 620 (w) x 950 (h) pixels @72 pixels per inch (ppi).
Location: Homepage.
Format: JPEG / JPG, Static.
Advertisement Weight: Maximum 400KB
Runtime: 30 Days.
Price: R640 per advertisement.
Interested? Contact Us

3, 4, 5—RMB-412 (A / P / C)

(Article Page, Photo Page, Classifieds)

Advertising Space: RMB-412A (Article Page).
Size: 620 x 412 @72 ppi.
Location: Below Article / Article Page.
Format: JPEG / JPG, Static.
Runtime: 365 Days.
Price: R840 per advertisement per article.
Interested? Contact Us

Advertising Space: RMB-412P (Photo Page).
Size: 620 x 412 @72 ppi.
Location: Below Header Photo (No Article) / Photo Page.
Format: JPEG / JPG, Static.
Runtime: 365 Days.
Price: R540 per advertisement per photo page.
Interested? Contact Us

Advertising Space: RMB-412C (Classifieds).
Size: 620 x 412 @72 ppi.
Location: Classifieds Page.
Format: JPEG / JPG, Static.
Runtime: 30 Days.
Price: R250 per advertisement.
Images: Two (2) per classified / advertiser.
Words: 150 (this includes personal information).
Submissions: Microsoft Word (please email photos separate from Word Doc).
Interested? Contact Us


Advertising Space: RMB-140.
Size: 270 x 140 @72 ppi.
Location: Motorsport Menu.
Format: JPEG / JPG, Static.
Runtime: 30 Days.
Price: R340 per advertisement.
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—Statistical Information:

The 2013 season has seen an exponential growth in readers, due to the fact that we have published unique articles, and photos that were tagged correctly (in accordance with the rules set out by prominent search engines). Our neatly structured website is powered by Hetzner, one of South Africa’s leading hosting/service providers.

RMB Health:
It is quick in terms of viewing and downloads. Accessible on mobile phones and tablets. Neatly structured and professional. Great attention is paid to detail. Various companies provide a tracking service: AWStats, StatCounter, Google, and Bing. We are also SEO Compliant, and have had zero (0) errors in the last 365 days.

Stats (Jan – Dec 2013) people:
Unique visitors: 31,098; Number of visits: 51,503; Pages viewed: 108,572; Hits: 1,453,845; Bandwidth (photos downloaded): 62.70 GB (ave. published photo size: 150KB).

Stats (Jan – Dec 2013) robots/spiders:
Thirty-three different robots/spiders index our information daily. The most prominent are: GoogleBot, MSNBot-media, MSNBot, Yahoo Slurp, BaiDuSpider, Ask.
Pages indexed: 241,690; Hits: 854,643; Bandwidth (photos indexed): 45.47GB.

Incoming Traffic: 55% Search Engine Referrals; 20% Referring Websites (including social media); 25% Direct Traffic.

Web-traffic: South Africa: 60-70%; Rest: USA, UK, Germany etc.
We are also proud to announce that our content is suitable for younger viewers.

—Terms and Conditions:

• Advertisements (Ads) are published in alphabetical order.
• Prices exclude design cost at R250/advertisement.
• Ads will be approved via email before placement.
• Prices subject to change without prior notice.
• No Ads shall be placed/designed without upfront payment.
• No monies back after booking/placement/publishing.
• RMB reserves the right to decline applications.
• Business owners to provide proof of physical business address.
• CBP price excludes maintenance cost at R450/session.
• All advertisements are—REFERRAL URLs.
• No cell phone/mobile phone photos accepted.
• Third party photos/own photos submitted requires the copyright owner’s permission.

Team RMB