Gavin Lightfoot, Kawasaki ZX10R

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Morning dawned bright and unexpectedly. For a second or so the reflection in my rear-view mirror blinded me. The bright orange flash caused my left hand to rise instinctively, tilting the mirror down. A barely audible sigh of relief filled my immediate space. Van Halen’s Poundcake (one of my all-time favourite hits) pounding through my optimistic soul; suppressing disgruntled sounds, that seeps in from outside, from an angry and congested highway, without discrimination, nonstop. Inside my cocoon of metal, plastic, rubber and electronic gadgetry, the day outside transpires at its own visible pace, proclaiming the contrary of what the weatherman was forecasting. With both hands on the leather steering wheel, I get to do what most Friday Slackers (and Saturday shopping-mall-folk) can only dream of—MOTORSPORT PHOTOGRAPHY!

And as Van Halen keeps pounding at my eardrums, heart and soul, re-fuelling my system with a new kind of energy, I can’t but help to think of the thousands that are marooned inside toxic city buildings, contemplating another bleak day ahead.
With one hand on the steering wheel, I unconsciously tilt my rear-view mirror back to its original position. The sun has moved to a better place in the sky. Suddenly the image in my rear view mirror frightens me: a carbon-monoxide-snake following me everywhere I go. As I slip rapidly thorough the morning highway traffic to get rid of it, I also try to focus my mind on the motorsport photography task ahead (simultaneously thinking of a great headline for my next article too).

The Kawasaki ZX10R Masters are on the black today, and I’m heading that way, hurriedly. As their frontman (PR thingy), I want to be present to capture their blissful music (usually in full throttle) and later write energetic lyrics about my adventurous two days in the open (with complementing photos of course). But before these articles and motorsport photos can radiate off your computer- and cell phone screens, my editor and fellow photographer (luckiest man alive to have his own editor), Martine, will set me pit straight, before I press ENTER, for the word-wide-web to guzzle it all down. Speedily!

Bringing worlds together: From the fast and fearless scoot jockeys and motor racing pilots, energetic motorsport dreams emanate. These motor racing dreams rise up (with the drop of every red light), up from the hot tarmac, catching a free ride towards the heavens, on a stream of wriggly heat waves. Expectantly, these race-suited men and women wait for someone to capture those dreams and aspirations for an eternity, before it evaporates—forever. Years from now, it will still prove that they were once here, defying fear itself.

With the turn of the motorsport weekend (sloping into the week), (RMB) will transfix those rising motorsport dreams (action photos) in the annals of the world-wide-web, where thousands (behind their humdrum office desks and hi-res computer screens) can applaud THEM silently (even sharing THEIR glory on Facebook), without reservation (or is it?).

RMB follows the super-fast-ostentatious race cars in the GT Challenge Class (mostly Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 997 race cars); GT Classic (classic Porsches); Productions Cars (Audi S4, BMW 335i, Subaru WRX STI...); the Ferrari/Rosso Challenge (Ferrari F430, Ferrari 360) and Extreme Supercars.
On the motorcycle racing front we try to capture the spirit of the Kawasaki ZX10R Masters Cup; Unlimited Superbikes; 600 Supersport and Moto 3/GP 125; as well as the end of the season spectacular—the 24 Hour bike race event in early December (stretching over two days).
These energetic events/classes who will be strutting their stuff in the Super Series, Pro Tour Series, Extreme Festival and the Northern Regions Racing, on some of South Africa’s most prolific racetracks—Zwartkops Raceway, Kyalami International Race Circuit and Red Star Raceway—will be eternalized by RMB through photographs and articles.

By capturing the vibrant essence of these motor racing moments through photography and writing, we try to ensure that the reader enjoys the same adrenalin-pumping-high-octane-race-fuel-burning-tyres experience of the race. You can almost hear these colourful race cars and ultra-quick superbikes participating, if you listen carefully. In our wake we leave something valuable behind (also tears if you have missed out on the real action), for the motorsport devotees to appreciate and talk about. Sometimes we create characters (Grand Wizard, the White Knight, Fire Antz) or name a supercar Dorothy, Trinity or Black Mamba Zoo, to accentuate our passion for motorsport (and to keep readers enthralled). So, before the slog of everyday life gets you down, rather check out our motorsport calendar and be prompt for the next Saturday’s motorsport event (Fridays too, admission is FREE).

In my rear-view mirror the sun is setting, calling an end to this wonderful day. And as the orange hue awash every sole next and behind me, I know instinctively that tomorrow will be even better. —Godspeed! •

Michael White, 600 Supersport, Yamaha R6